Team Building

Resourceful in identifying, engaging and collaborating with key players to achieve specific client goals.

Global Vision

Experience in international business and law, coupled with multilingual and multicultural capabilities, translates into holistic legal solutions.

Professional Competence

Quality services that leverage education from elite programs with more than 25 years of combined experience in international business and law.

About The Siller Law Firm

Gilberto Siller is the founding member of The Siller Law Firm and is based in Boerne, Texas. His native language is Spanish and is fluent in English and French. His living in Mexico and the United States and doing business throughout Latin America and Western Europe has enhanced his first-hand knowledge of United States, European and Latin American cultures.

Founding Member of The Siller Law Firm

Legal Practice Areas

Not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization


Advise, negotiate and prepare contracts for purchase and sale of assets, non-registered securities, and various commercial agreements.


Design and implement efficient domestic and international corporate structures.

Joint Ventures

Advise, build teams of professional specialists, and negotiate and document agreements for various types of strategic alliances between companies.

Real Estate

Counsel on all stages of acquiring residential, commercial and industrial real estate.

External General Counsel

Regularly advise on general legal matters, and manage services of other legal specialists on behalf of corporate clients.

Management of Cross-Border Litigation

Hire and manage litigation teams on behalf of clients to pursue claims in foreign jurisdictions.
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External General Counsel For Foreign Multinational Companies